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Handmade Wooden Pencil Box Brown - Etikoppaka Wooden Products

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We bring to you this turned wood pencil box is completely hand made from a soft wood called Ankudu and dyed with plant based natural colors. Now steep your stationery in style and tradition at the same time.

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A novel product from Etikoppaka, Andhra Pradesh. We bring to you this turned wood pencil box is completely hand made from a soft wood called Ankudu and dyed with plant based natural colors. Now steep your stationery in style and tradition at the same time.

Product: Wooden pencil box with teddy bear cap

Material: Soft Wood

Color: Brown

Usage Tips: Keep dry at all times. Keep away from sources of heat

Imperfections and variations in the product cannot be termed as defects, as these are intrinsic to the handmade process

Colors in the picture might vary slightly due to lighting in the studio

Ships within 10 days

Etikoppaka Wooden and Lac Products: 

Indian wooden toys have a timeless tradition. They have been the beacons that have guided children into adulthood since ancient times. Vibrant colours, smooth lacquer finish, soft and supple wood, impeccable craftsmanship – these are some of the attributes of the craft practised by artisans who make the Etikoppaka Wood and lac coated products. 

Etikoppaka is a small village on the banks of the Varaha river; about 80 Km from Visakhapatnam as the Jeep plies. As they say appearances can be deceptive. This sleepy village is steeped in history and once upon a time used to be a center for arts, culture and commerce. These articles were a part of the daily life of the people. Since time immemorial these wooden bowls and boxes have been a part of the young brides’ trousseau and have been used to store Kumkum (vermillion powder), betel nuts, whole spices etc. The rattles and tops have been playthings for children for centuries. Men were not far behind in using these as well. They had specially designed boxes for storing detachable collars of yesteryears. 

The unique characteristic of these wooden items is that the dyes used are made from local flora and are all natural. The wooden articles are made by turning pieces of wood on lathes; hence the products are well rounded. The rounded shapes and natural dyes made the wooden toys extremely safe for children. There was a time when no little girl’s toy chest was complete without the “lakkapidatalu” (lac coated toys). Lakka in the local language means Lac, which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksha which is an insect resin. The wood used is derived from the Ankudu (wrightia tinctorial) tree endemic to the region. The lac sticks are infused with natural dyes derived from about 25 varieties of local flora – for eg the brown color is derived from the humble amla (gooseberry). 

However in recent times these wooden articles have lost market to cheap industrially produced toys and articles. To compete with cheap competition, the artisans switched to chemical colors that resulted in exports being banned by the EU and US. Over the last 2 decades local activists have made tremendous efforts to revive this artform. New research into natural dyes has yielded a repertoire of colors hitherto unknown to the artisans. The article is given the desired shape on the lathe and smoothened using sand paper. The dye infused lac stick is then applied to the job and the friction melts the lac which sticks to the wood surface and imparts colour to the job. It is then polished to a high sheen using a Kewra (pandanus) leaf. Finally the article is cut off from the wooden log and is ready for the retail market.

More Information
Material Wood
Brand Magnacraft®
Width (cms) 4.0000
Height (cms) 21.0000
Weight (kgs) 0.0900
Origin Country India
Origin State Andhra Pradesh
Geographical Indication (GI) Etikoppaka Toys [ 482 ]
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