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Our Mission

To make Authentic Indian crafts Accessible and Affordable across the globe.

Our Vision

  • To bring delightful hand crafted products to the world while remaining in harmony with the environment
  • To make artisanal livelihoods from crafts production secured and sustainable
  • To harness the latent economic power of hand produced crafts from India
  • To build a sustainable business and grow profitably in an ethical manner and be a customer centric company

Our Creed

The co-founders wandered the length and breadth of India in search of India’s soul; and Lo and Behold they found Magnacraft, the embodiment of India’s soul in its crafts and looms. Wherever they went, they found artisans engaged in art - most of them since centuries past. There’s a saying in Hindi – Kos Kos pe badle pani, char kos pe bani (In India the quality of water changes every 2 miles; and the language changes every 4 miles). This saying should have incorporated quintessential Indian craft as well; since crafts and looms in India change with distance just as frequently. Our credo stems from our love for hand produced art. We want to bring this rich heritage and myriad body of work to the world – thus creating a sustainable market for Indian handcrafted products; ensuring fair trade for the artisans that we work with. We firmly believe in the power of IP and importance of its protection. Our website primarily lists products that are Geographical Indication (GI) Tagged thus ensuring product authenticity and quality.

Our Story

Magnacraft was hand created with love by two souls smitten with wanderlust. Everywhere they went in India they saw great crafts being hand produced. These traditions are timeless; yet they have become anachronistic in the sense that the production techniques haven’t kept pace with the times. We are resolved to make artisanal livelihoods from crafts production secured and sustainable. Traditional craft and loom products need to be made sustainable and marketable in India as well as globally. To that extent, Magnacraft is a small contribution to the livelihoods of artisans who would otherwise live and work in obscurity. We work with artisan clusters build capacity relevant to their needs and pass on the skills to the next generation thus keeping the traditions alive.

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